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Friday, January 14, 2011

what i do when i'm sad ):

hello, I am so mad right now, it makes me cry. Why do I cry when I am mad? because I don't know what else to do. There are really a limited amount of things a non-psychotic person can do when they are so angry. I just had a brief phone call with my piano teacher. I've been going to this woman since the second week of November, and have hated every hour at her house, very thoroughly. I hate her condescending voice. I hate the way she looks at my imperfect hand posture. I hate how she hangs up on me when SHE'S the one who calls to change our lesson schedule. I hate her exasperated tone. I hate how she made me wait OUTSIDE IN THE COLD, AT 8:30 PM (mind you, it was really dark since it's winter) for my mother. I hate her chicken-butt hair. I hate how she seems to love all her other students but me. I hate how she's so damn expensive, too.

But today I'm not going to complain about my life so much. I've found that when I'm mad/sad, cleaning really helps take my mind off things. What?! Cleaning?? but you're Cindy! you're a whale/lazy butt/person who despises cleaning! Yes, yes I am all that, but it just helps. And it's nice because I get something good out of it: an approachable room.
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