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Thursday, February 3, 2011

feeling like fine dongg

(I know the post title makes no sense. Oh, and dongg = poop.) I wanted to blog since Tuesday but I wouldn't allow myself to, because I had so much homework and stuff to finish, and I knew I wanted to sleep as much as possible. Basically, I've been sick since Sunday with various symptoms each day. On Tuesday, especially, I didn't want to go to school, and had actually planned on leaving during lunch. Olivia texted and asked me to bring my clarinet for her to try on, and I did. As soon as I arrived, I somehow immediately felt better, surrounded by my friends. I stopped getting the shivers every five seconds, and actually had the energy to smile and act happy when I skipped to Olivia and handed her my clarinet. At that moment, I was thinking, "Oh! Life is grand!" I love school. Or rather, I love the people. I love my friends, and I'm so so so so grateful for them.

I then had Honor Band auditions last night, supposedly at 6PM. Isaac and David picked me up at 6 and we went to Gahr. Karen was there as well ^^. Being first chair in middle school band last year, I had really high hopes for myself this year. Except I messed up the first part that my audition man asked me to play. My excuse is that I didn't practice that part because it seemed so insignificant. We had 4 songs: Celtic Hymns and Dances, Olympic Spirit, Chorale and Shaker II, and March of the Belgian Parachutists. I was advised to look for 8th note runs, and hard parts in each piece and just practice those sections, focusing on tone quality, rhythm, and dynamics. When I was called to be auditioned, the person behind a circle of blankets (he's not allowed to see the person auditioning, so that there is no discrimination whatsoever) asked for me to play about 10 measures of Olympic Spirit, which wasn't even the melody part, so I screwed up the rhythm, and then a small section from Chorale and Shaker II (I think), and then thanked me. REALLY?! I actually practiced at home, AND waited a total of 3 hours at Gahr just to play ~20 measures of music? not to mention that the parts he chose were stupid. I'm not bitter because I screwed that part up, it's just that the part is SO EASY that it doesn't take much skill to learn it. I bet that if I practiced it once, I could have perfected it. He should have tested the fast parts or the melody, or some part that exhibits dynamic contrast, or anything that would have made sense.

ANYWAY, because I didn't start homework until around 10PM, I couldn't sleep until around 1 AM this morning, and thus didn't wake up in time for band. Band starts at 7 and I would have had to AT LEAST be up by 6:50, but I wasn't conscious until 7:05, when Daddy ran into my room. I mumbled that I'll just skip band today, and he agreed, so I immediately fell back to my slumber. I woke again at 7:40 and mama asked me why I wasn't under my blankets, when I had a cold.

In the morning, several people congratulated me and told me I made it into Honor Band. I didn't know results would come in so fast; I didn't even think about it this morning. No one knew what chair I got, so at the beginning of lunch, I made Lauren go with me to see. I was also afraid Mr. England would yell at me for ditching band again. I went in and he was talking to Ms. Kesinger in his office, so I thought I was safe to look at the list. I found my highlighted name on the 5th line. 5TH CHAIR. SIGH. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect, but I was still disappointed. Especially since my ex-boyfriend is going to be sitting in 4th chair. AWKWARD.................. Mr. England noticed me and said, "CINDY LI, COME HERE," to which I thought Crap. I sort of pretended not to hear him at first, but that's kind of hard when his voice is like 1000 mbps. or whatever sound is measured in. Anyway, I finally went in, and all he said was congratulations, etc. Phew. But I still complained to him, and I wailed, "But I'm FIIFTH CHAAAIR D:".

And you know what he said? No, you don't, since only him, Ms. Kesinger, and I were there. Anyway, he said, "Is that what this is all about? 'Cause you're not first chair?" Now, to be truthful, I still don't know what he meant by that. Shouldn't he want me to be first chair too? I don't get it....... He proceeded to tell me that I didn't have to practice Celtic Hymns and Dances anymore because the brass players can't play it; it's too difficult. Stupid people. I think I like that song.

After school, I went with Nisha to the band room to ask him something for Yearbook. I asked him if it was true that Honor Band is performing at California Adventure instead of Disneyland this year. He said yes, but he's unsure if we'll be allowed to choose which park we can play in. And by play, I mean riding roller coasters and eating churros, not playing instruments. I asked him if it were possible for me to not go to Disneyland/California Adventure and stay at school to go to Alg. II/Trig class instead. I could tell that he was thinking I was some sort of psycho for wanting to learn math instead of going to Disneyland for free, but he could also tell that I was serious. I think. So he said maybe we can work something out, and we'll see.

Frankly, Honor Band isn't a huge deal to me. I just wanted to prove to myself and to Mr. England that I'm still a good player. But now that I've done that, I don't want to sit next to my ex for 3 rehearsals, 2 hours each, AND miss math and biology for a day. I probably won't drop out of Honor Band, though, because I know Mr. England is concerned with his image and Whitney's image, etc etc, blah blah.

To bed I go, now. As you can tell, I am feeling quite chipper, but my insides are still asldfhaksdjfhaksdfh, and I am very congested nasally. I've skipped Korean Club talent show practice, and am feeling guilty as well. Tomorrow, Karen C and I are finally having our WEB semester activity with our kids. Yay! But I would honestly rather go home and sleep T_T.

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