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Thursday, February 24, 2011


It's 11:23 PM on a school night, with school the next morning, and I admit that, I, Cindy Li, am not asleep. Obviously.

My excuses are weak, so I won't even try.

BUT I'M JUST SO FRUSTRATED AT EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW. I try to pretend everything's okay and I laugh it off, and when I do so, sometimes I actually believe that all these problems are funny. Somehow, though, once I am by myself and have no one to laugh with, these subjects dawn on me and I realize how much they bother me.


UGH I'M SORRY, READER, THAT THIS PROBABLY MAKES NO SENSE, AND YOU'RE THINKING, "What problems could a little freshman possibly have??"

The only thing positive I can say right now is that I've finally gotten some "action" and "drama" in my life. Be careful what you wish for.

Oh, and I am still sick. I probably would have been better by now if I had slept like I was supposed to, over the weekend and past few days.

I'm really contemplating the idea of putting this blog on private. I get uncomfortable thinking about all the people that read this. I would really like to be specific and name all my problems and the people involved, like I used to, but now that people actually read my blog, it's weird.

I'm hungry again. But that's what I get for not sleeping on time! >:(
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