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Friday, May 28, 2010


i was going to post it on fb, but decided against it.

so! short blurb about random things.

i get annoyed so easily these days. i'm cheerful and giddy one moment, and pissed off the next by just the TINIEST little thing someone does. and i know it's unreasonable and child-ish to act this way, but i can't help it. AND I'M NOT PMS-ING.

little things that piss me off:
-when annoying people talk to me
-when people i care about don't talk to me
-when people ask me if i'm okay- when i'm obviously not okay, or even worse, when i am!
-when people whine/complain to me
-when people don't take my whining and complaining
-when people answer in one word answers
-when people touch my hair from the top of my head
-when people ask how many colors my hair is/ state how many colors my hair is
-when people randomly act really nice to me (LOL)
-when people call me by my old name
-when i say hi to someone and they don't/ don't see/hear
-when people don't hear what i say the first 2 times

as you can see, i have some major issues. haha!
it's kind of hard for me to write about stuff that annoys me right now because i am feeling much more chipper already. GOSH MOOD SWING.

i probably shouldn't publish this on fb, because it might offend some people who have done things under my annoying list. D;
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