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Friday, May 21, 2010

Other People's Blogs

So today I stumbled upon some blogs of the seniors from school. They're all quite interesting. I realized that almost everyone's blog is the same. These people all seem cheerful or bitchy or whatever at school, but they all kind of become emo and sad-ish and well, not their school-selves. Their posts and ramblings are really similar to mine.
I wonder why !

For the past YEAR or so, I've been saying that I hate violin, that I want to quit. But for some reason, I always agree to pay my teacher at the beginning of each month, and say that I will quit after this month... But I always seem to enjoy playing it WHILE I am playing it, it's just the THOUGHT of playing it that makes me not want to. Maybe I am just lazy.

And I'm still always sleepy, but I never want to nap when I get home, and I always end up sleeping at the same time at night.

I hate fridays. So depressing!

But my life is good, and I should stop complaining.
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