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Friday, May 14, 2010

Why I don't like people, a note I posted on Facebook.

Generally, people annoy me. No matter who you are or what you've done for me, you have probably annoyed me at one point in our lives. No offense.

People irritate me because I can never completely understand anyone. We will always disagree on something, and most people are stubborn. I'm not saying that I don't get along with people, it's just that everyone has differences, and sometimes it's hard to see why the other person thinks the way that they do.

Maybe that's why I don't see myself ever getting married or getting into a long-term relationship. There would be too many dissimilarities between us for me to stand being together for the rest of my life. How do people handle living with the faults of someone for 239462364823642 years? I get annoyed to death simply by the way someone looks at me, or a tone of voice they use. How would I cope with domestic arguments, which are sure to occur? Hypocritically, I am a much less of a perfect person, and I would annoy my spouse more than they could ever annoy me. As for relationships, I feel like I (would) lose interest in the guy after a couple of days; when the initial lust and chase goes away. That probably means I never really loved him. But why would I get into a relationship with someone I truly love? The relationship will end someday, and it probably won't end well. Why would I risk our deep friendship for something that I know won't be worth it?

Even if you were a perfect person, you would annoy me by how perfect you are because you remind me of my inadequacies. That's why I hate most love stories and novels. The guy is always perfect. First of all, how is that even possible? and second, wouldn't a boyfriend who is always right, super smart, and extremely hot make me look bad? Why would I want that?

Regardless of how open a person you are, you are confusing. It frustrates me when I don't know what you are thinking at all times. I wish I knew everyone through and through. No matter who you are, I would appreciate it if I knew more about you, even if I am not familiar with your existence right now. And to the people that I do know well: I wish I knew you better. I wish I could ask random people about everything going on in their lives without seeming like a creeper.

To be honest, I wrote this while thinking of someone. I hope that she will read this. She probably won't. But I want her to. I dont' know why.
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