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Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy blog.

So it's been a while since I've written about something happy. and to prove to you that I am not a whiny little 14 year old brat, complaining about everything when things are going good, i will write about my lovely afternoon.

SOOO, I GOT HOME, AND WROTE THE PREVIOUS POST, AND IMMEDIATELY went to the Taste of Gonzalves thing at Gonzalves Elementary School for the first time. It was fun! Spent time with my darling Liver Shoe, and drank passion fruit boba for only $2! I also ate the biggest potato in the world, which was 1.2 pounds and, like, 6 inches long, stuffed with cheese, sour cream, and weird meat stuff. It took 2 hours to cook, according to the lady who made it, and it was only $2 too! I then bought this weird dessert thing that was okay for $1.

I had to walk back home and put my 3/4ths-eaten potato down, then met with Jimmy between school and my house to go to CPE to watch Bottom Locker Productions. Paul, Andrew Rim, and Michaela were there, and it was fun (=. I'm glad I went! My sister went to dinner with Colosseum somewhere far, so they couldn't pick me up immediately at 9 pm, when it was over, and they didn't want me to walk home alone. So Andrew and I walked to school and we stayed there for a loooong time. While we were passing by the tennis courts, we saw this HUGE-ASS MOTH. It was the size of a small bird! and then, while we were passing by Senior Square, I picked up this poster advertising for the seniors to pick up their yearbooks and go to the yearbook signing that was today. I took the poster home. I don't know why. For a memory of them? Or maybe I will use the back of the poster some day for a project; it's really clean and white. Andrew and I stayed at the main entrance for a long time, and it was really chill. LIKE REALLY CHILLY OUTSIDE, AND I WAS WEARING SHORT SLEEVES AND SHORT- SHORTS! But it was fun. I took a picture of myself holding the sign :D I'll upload later. NEW PROFILE PICTURE! (=

I also watched this one guy change. He DID see me and Andrew because he was inside, and we were outside, and the windows are tinted on the outside. First he took off his shirt and put on another one. Then, it seemed like he took 10 minutes to unbuckle his belt, and then he kept pacing back and forth, like, 238942 times. At last he went behind the opened door of the girls' restroom for 10 seconds, and he came back out wearing a different pair of pants. CRAZY!

so i'm in a good mood tonight.
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