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Monday, June 14, 2010

mama's comin' home

jie ji is picking up mama from the airport right now. she's been in china for 2-3 weeks?

and i'm still annoyed as ever!
i hate that my mood changes because of tiny things and people. how did i come to be so dependent? agghh.

it's really pathetic.

i hate that i'm so self-conscious.

dear me,
DUDE JUST STOP OVERTHINKING IT! AND JUST DO IT! WHY DO YOU ACT WEIRD WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT! AALSJHASLKDF. STOP IT. you only have a few more days. just do whatever. remember how fun aloha dance was, even though not a lot of your friends went? it was because you just let loose and just went for it and didn't care what ppl thought of you and your PRO DANCING SKILLS. SO STOP THINKING. OKAY!

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