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Saturday, June 26, 2010


So, my sister left to Las Vegas today, and she's taking a flight from there to France tomorrow. )=

I have no [exciting] plans for tomorrow, monday, tuesday, wednesday, or thursday. Just the usual- possibly guzheng w/ Pearl tomorrow, piano on Monday, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ON TUESDAY, volunteering on Wednesday and Thursday. OOH maybe I will get to see the [hopefully] cute guy whose shift is before mine on Thursday. Must get there early! Friday morning I'm helping on Kay in the office at School. OH YEAH, I'm helping out Mr. G on Thursday with Paul? and then I have violin later on, and the same stuff repeats over and over again for the next couple months of summer.

Now that Jie ji's gone, there's no one to take me to the beach out of no where. No one to take me shopping just because. No one to distract me from this loneliness. )=
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