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Thursday, June 17, 2010

One of the Best Days of My Life

I will always remember...

During English, my 2nd-to-last 8th grade comprehensive exam, Jinnie and Derrick invited me to go watch The A-Team at Cerritos Towne Center after school...

After a frustrating 2 hours of difficult geometry and trigonometry problems that I couldn't bring myself to care about, Jinnie and I left the school to my house to get money, look up movie times, and look at the COW Bus schedule. Jinnie planned to leave from the WHS graduation at 5:20 to take a ride home. So the two of us walked to Towne Center, and made a bee-line for Tapioca Express- our delicious lunch of just Milk Tea and Thai Tea Boba. We went in the theater at around 1:40, after the movie had already started, sneaking in our bobas with us. We moved down a few rows from the top, to where Manas, Ian, Edward Shin, Derrick, Darren, Sam, Curtis, and whoever else I missed, were sitting. The movie was pretty good. It was funny, though confusing at some parts!

Anyhow, graduation was starting at 4:00 PM, and Jinnie and I were going to try to make it back to Whitney at that time, but SOMEBODY AKA. DERRICK LIN had a little trouble deciding whether or not to attend. After a wasted 12 minutes or so of trying to convince him to, he ended up hanging out with his friends at Shadow Park instead. I'm not upset that he chose to do this, but I'm just saying that he can hang out with his friends any day, but there's only one Class of 2010 Graduation ever.

Jinnie and I finally arrived at school around 4:20 PM. We sat with Jarick and Jimmy in the shade, and watched those valedictorians make their speeches. Later, we moved to around the front/middle area to sit on the grass and take better pictures. Vince waved at me from his chair.
Although the ceremony was simple, and there wasn't any food, it was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen. Around two hundred-something white chairs seated students, teachers, parents, friends, and relatives celebrating and mourning the end of high school for the 2010 Ninjas. I watched them turn their tassels to the left of their caps, showing that they had officially graduated. Mr. Brent gave the best speech ever. He used Disneyland as a metaphor for life. It was great. I hope I choose the straight path towards Fantasyland forever.

I never cared much for our Alma Mater, but seeing the seniors sing it for the last time together, with their arms around each other, made me realize how much those lyrics meant...

Whitney High School is our pride
Our hopes and dreams abound
Whitney's family by our side
With friendships we have found.
Strive for nothing but the best
For here we'll surely find
Memories to last a lifetime
Hail to Whitney High!

(Okay, I admit, I had to search the words on wikipedia. I haven't memorized it yet )= ) 

Afterward, an airplane flew overhead with a big sign that read, "CONGRATULATIONS WHITNEY HS 2010! <3" Sorry, my crappy camera couldn't get a picture of the sign. AND YES, THERE REALLY WAS A HEART

There was so much joy and sadness, I couldn't keep my tears in. Everyone was either laughing or crying, and it was so beautiful. No matter how long I knew this day was coming, nothing could have emotionally prepared me for.. everything. I can only describe the day as beautiful. Jarick and I stayed until we were the last ones at school. I watched the crowd die down to return home to their families, and probably watch the Lakers game tonight.
This isn't even my graduation, and I'm already so torn about it. Two years ago, my mom and I went to the end of graduation, because we saw the fireworks from my house. Back then, I watched them do the same as the seniors did this year, but I really didn't care. I didn't know Whitney. I didn't know any of those people. What will it be like for me in 4 years? Jarick and I walked down the red carpet of where the seniors walked to see how it felt. It didn't feel like anything, really. In 4 years, we will be graduating in the new multi-media center. Wow. And the tears keep coming, every time I think of the future...

Jarick, Jimmy, and I took pictures when we were sitting on the bleachers, just staring at everyone hugging each other, or actually, Jimmy looking for hot girls -____- .  We vowed that for our graduation, we will stand in that same place and take a picture. ^_^

Final Realization of the Day:
I wasn't too sad about "graduating" elementary school. Why? Because, for my entire life long, I was told, and I knew I would be going to Whitney High School for the next 6 years. I was certain about that. Now, when I think about graduating Whitney, I don't know what's coming for me afterwards, and I guess that's what scares me. I've never liked surprises.

While I was walking through Whitney to get home, Mr. Glonchak re-opened the gate to let me out, and I wailed that I would be them in 4 more years. He kind of chuckled, but agreed that 4 years would go by too quickly...
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