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Monday, June 21, 2010


This post is dedicated to Tiffany Hoe....

Tiffany: haha ur blogs are so interesting...expecially your rants..
  :) Tiffany's new status message - summer solstice..long day indeed   3:57 PM

23 minutes
4:16 PM me: oh thank you
  it's summer solstice??

32 minutes
4:48 PM Tiffany: yea today
4:49 PM me: coool
4:50 PM Tiffany: get my status?
  long day indeed
  hahahahah im so funny
 me: yes
 Tiffany: (even if you dont think its funny...go with it..)
  you're funny tiffany

SO YUP, it's summer solstice! and YES, I learned about it in science during astronomy this past year... longest day of the year. 'Twas a great day to have a graduation party. (=
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